無論設計是否需要高速、低功耗、高頻寬,高密度還是超低延遲,我們的 DRAM 解決方案為您提供僅由世界技術領導業者供應的功能、可靠度和性能最佳組合。

Whether your design requires high speed, low power, high bandwidth, high density or ultra-low latency, our DRAM solutions provide the optimum combination of features, reliability and performance you can only get from a world technology leader.

DRAM Module

從頭到尾,您可以在我們自己的晶元廠依靠我們的模組確保品質與可靠度。我們自己設計、製造和測試 DRAM,然後對組成廣泛模組組合的記憶體模組進行組裝和(再次)測試。

You can depend on our modules for quality and reliability that is built in — from start to finish — in our own fabs. We design, manufacture and test the DRAM ourselves, then assemble and test (again) the memory modules that make up our broad module portfolio.


美光不僅僅設計和製造 NAND 閃存。 我們通過對一系列 NAND 產品進行更好的工程設計來創新以解決設計挑戰——涵蓋從移動到嵌入式再到數據中心存儲應用的方方面面。

Micron does more than design and manufacture NAND flash memory. We innovate to solve design challenges through better engineering across a spectrum of NAND products — covering everything from mobile to embedded to data center storage applications.


從客戶運算到企業和雲端,再到工業和汽車,我們經過驗證且使用快閃記憶體的 SSD 專用於最佳化和擴展各種環境、應用程式和工作負載的儲存設計

From client computing, to enterprise and cloud, to industrial and automotive — our proven flash-based SSDs are purpose-built to optimize and scale storage designs across a broad range of environments, applications and workloads.